Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'll be a vendor at a Holiday Craft Show THIS WEEKEND!!!

Giant Steps Holiday Craft Show is almost here.

Here are just some of the items I will have displayed and for sale at the craft show!!!

Location: Giant Steps Early Learning School

7900 Old Tezel Rd. 78250

*Saturday, November 15, 2008

*11:00-4:00 pm (Craft Show)

***Tell me you saw this on my blog and receive 10% off your purchase from my booth!!!***
Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I wanted to share my finished word "BOO" with everyone! I think it turned out just too cute. I showed it off at regionals and everyone loved it! It is really very simple to make too! I used the 8" paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby. The DSP is Ghostly Greetings and the stamp set I used was Eat, Drink and Be Scary from the Holiday Mini.

So, speaking of regionals, I had a awesome time. I got to meet Shelli, the co-founder of Stampin' Up! and had my pic taken with her. I met all the Beaumont ladies! They are just awesome. I got to visit with and ask plenty of questions of the fabulous Janet Stockman! I won door prizes. I saw and made so many cool cards and projects! It was just a great time. I do wish Ethel was with me though, that would have made it even better! But I am now less than a month away from flying to see her and her wonderful family! I do miss them all so!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ronald McDonald House

Here are some of the Halloween cards I have been working on today the Ronald McDonald House charities. I've only got ten done in all right now and I am hoping to get some more designs done tomorrow. I just love Halloween, not all the scary gross parts of it, but my church does a Harvest Festival every year and I just love to take the girls to it. Everything is fun and silly and gooey and I always see people I haven't seen in a while! So, needless to say, I really enjoyed making these cards today and thinkng about our upcoming festival!

If you live anywhere near me, please join us at the Fall Harvest Festival at Crossroads Baptist Church located on the corner of Tezel & Guilbeau Rd. - 8300 Tezel to be exact, from 6:30 till 8:30 on Friday October 31st! It's totally FREE and totally FUN!!! I'll be the huntress in camo!!!

Check back tomrrow for some more Boo-tiful creations!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Okay, so I know I said I would post something else tomorrow, but I have time now, so..............
The first one I came up with several weeks ago when i was making Ethel's birthday card. The bottom one I came up with for my stamp club last month. It was the first spinner card I have ever made. It was a lot of fun.

So, now I'm sitting here listening to my Zune (as loud as I can possibly stand it in order to drown out my kiddos voices!) and thinking up some new ideas with some of my new sets! So you should most definately keep checking back!!! I feel the need to alter something as well...............hmmmmmm....................

Stamp Club Cards

Here are the two cards we did at our Stamp Club this last weekend. The first card features the Season of Friendship set from the Holiday Mini catalogue. It really is a very versatile set that can be used year round! The second card was made by using the Big Shot that is also featured in the Holiday mini and is going to become a permanent item as well I believe. I LOVE my Big Shot. I used the Sizzlits Die Pumpkin #4 and Pumpkin faces found on the last page of the mini. I also got to use my Square Scallop punch for the first time! The greeting is from Eat, Drink & Be Scary also in the mini.

I hope you enjoy these! Check back tomorrow as I will be posting two more cards I have created recently!

Until then,
Happy Stamping!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

So, I know it's been FOREVER since I posted something new. But I have done a few things here and there and this is one of them!
This is the large Spooky Spider from our Decor Elements line. It also come in Mediun and Small. I used a canvas I had picked up at a garage sale for 50 cents and painted it pumpkin orange. I then applied the Spooky Spider and finished it off with a black feather boa around the edges!
Let me know what you think...............

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Something new......

Okay, it has been way too long since I posted something new. Honestly, I haven't done much lately. My creativity has disappeared to somewhere unknown and I am hoping it comes back soon! But before it left, I made this for my Mom. Her birthday is this month and I thought it would be nice to make her something that showed how I felt about her. She is one truly magnificent woman that has been through a great deal and took on three children to raise that was not so easy at times. She is my hero, my role model, and I love her more than words could say!

I bought the letter M at Hobby Lobby (have I ever mentioned how much I love that store?) and painted it a olive green. I used some DSP that has been retired for a while but I still love it and am just about out of it. The word "cherish" is stamped but the other sentiment I printed on my computer. I sponged the edges in chocolate chip and finished it off with the wide chocolate chip grosgrain ribbon . It was quite easy and turned out very elegant. I wish I would have thought of it at Mother's Day but that's okay. I know she will love it!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I know.....

I promised that I would post some new stuff on my blog. I promise I have made some cute stuff lately. But, I have just had a rough couple of weeks and I have fallen behind in my blogging promises. I do promise that tomorrow (or I guess technically today now) that I will post something....

On to sadder news....my BFF and most awesome up-line left to move to Arizona on Saturday morning. There were plenty of laughs and plenty of tears, and me & Ethel weren't the only ones to shed them! Fortunately, her and her wonderful family spent their last days in Texas with us. I am going to miss them all so much but I also know that this is going to be good for them! I can't wait till November when I will go to see them and go to the Women of Faith conference there with her! For all of our mutual friends who know who I am talking about, I just want to let you know that they arrived safely in Arizona this evening and they had dinner on Sunday night at In and Out Burger! They were all tired but very excited to be there! Please be in prayer for her and her family to easily adjust to their new life there. I know the kids are supposed to start school possibly as soon as Tuesday.

So until tomorrow....errr today but later after some much needed rest.....


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kids Say The Funniest Things!

So, my 8 yr old daughter, Emma, was standing behind her Daddy who was holding his baby Bearded Dragon ( a lizard for those who aren't familiar) . Out of nowhere she says , " So is he horny yet???" to which my husband screamed what and burst out laughing so hard I thought he might pass out! He didn't know she was there and it caught him totally off guard!

My 4 yr old niece , Sydney, who is down visiting us for the week from Dallas comes up to me after dinner and says, " Aunt Dawn, I love you!" So I reply, " I love you more!" and she turns to everyone sitting at the table finishing dessert and says, "See, she loves me more!" Awwwwwweeeee.........

The other day:
My 8 yr old nephew, Matthew, who also is down here visiting from Dallas were sitting on the couch and he was educating me on Pokemon. After he finally stopped for a second to breathe, I looked at him and said, "How on earth do you remember all of this stuff?" to which he replied quite casually, " I have a big head and have to fill it up some how." And he's right, he does have a very big head that he hasn't quite grown into yet!

So I know this isn't anything new and exciting. I promised to post some new stuff but I have had a rough week. For those of you who know about my medical drama, I still don't know for sure if I have Thyroid cancer yet. It's a long story! But the good news is that I will be seeing a endocrinologist now very soon. And tonight I had a burst of creativity and made some cool new stuff that I can't post just yet because one is a birthday gift! But I do promise to post some new stuff real soon! I am starting to feel better!

Until then,
I'll be locked in my "rubbah room"!
Stampingly Yours,

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coming Soon To A Blog Near You!!!!!

Okay...so just to this blog to be exact!

I know it's been a while since I posted anything new....but I do promise some new and exciting things coming this next week!

In the meanwhile, I am working on my BFF's (and most awesome up-line) Good-bye Slumber party this friday and some cool projects for my Stampalicious Stamp Club this Sunday! I am also preparing to have my adorable niece and nephew come stay a week with us - next week- so I will have 8 , yes EIGHT, children here next week- and on Tuesday and Wednesday I will have 9 kiddos when baby lauren joins us during the day! Yes, I am crazy, but that's why y'all love me, RIGHT!!!

Until then, please enjoy this pic of me and my BFF , the one and only Princess Trish!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sayonara Stamp-A-Stack!

Come say goodbye to some favorite
stamp sets!

Saturday, July 12, 2008, 10:00 am
7766 Alverstone Way, 78250

Stamp 20 Cards, that’s 2 each of 10
different cards for only $25.00!!!

Envelopes are included, but please bring your favorite

RSVP to Dawn at 210-385-2833 or
Light snacks and drinks will be provided.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Two Pocket Card Tutorial

This is my first tutorial so please be patient and feel free to comment or e-mail me with any questions you may have! I want to apologize for the way less than professional pics, it was late at night when I did these. Here it goes......

Supplies needed:
12 x 12 piece of DSP
Sticky Strip
Paper trimmer
Start with a piece of double-sided DSP (designer series paper from SU) and make sure it is trimmed to 8 1/2 x 11. Pick the dominant side - or the side you want the most showing- and have that side face up.
Now fold the DSP in half vertically and then re-open.

Now fold the DSP in half horizontally and the re-open again.
Now with the dominant design facing you, take your best pair of scissors, I used my paper snips from SU, and cut on the horizontal crease on the left side of the paper all the way to the center. Your DSP should now look like mine in the above picture.
Now fold down the top left corner about 2 & 3/4 inches - this is very forgiving though and doesn't have to be exact. I never actually measure, I just eyeball it!
Now fold the bottom right corner up to meet the inside vertical crease.
Now you will take the bottom left side and fold it underneath the bottom right side.

Next, fold the bottom left side corner up to meet the bottom right as shown in the picture above, it will not meet up exactly and will be about 1/8 in. short but that is okay. On the top left panel, apply sticky strip from the folded corner edge to the bottom of the top left panel edge.
Now fold the top left panel over top of the right top panel like so. At this time apply the sticky strip along the left side of the top panel and the short side of the bottom panel.
Fold the bottom piece up to the top piece like so and make sure the sticky strip has adhered to the sides.
Now you can make the inserts. I have made several in different sizes. You can play with these measurements , just remember they must stay under 3 3/4 x 4 1/2 for the top pocket and 2 3/4 x 31/4 for the bottom pocket. When embellishing the inserts it is important to remember anything that is too raised will get stck or damaged when the insert is pulled out and put back in. Be very careful using brads as well.

Now add some coordinating ribbon and embellish the outside of the card. And then you are ready to go!! If mailing these cards realize that it may take a little more postage.
Leave me a comment and let me know if this tutorial was helpful and if there is any other tutorials you would like me to do!
Until later....I'm off to my Rubba Room!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Altered Dishwasher Tab Tin

So I've had this tin in my craft cabinet for quite a while now! Can you believe my girls were actually going to throw it away??? I know....GASP!!! So last night after returning from our trip to Wally World I went on a cleaning spree and was organizing ( I know...GASP again!!) my craft cabinet when I found this tin and it stopped me in my cleaning tracks!! I threw everything back in the cabinet ( please don't open that door!!!) and took a quick pic before I got started!
And this is the end result!!! I used the cherry DSP paper from the Summer Picnic DSP that is in the mini ( BTW...you can still order this and anything else from the mini until June 30th!!!) I used my hubby's drill to put holes in the lid for the ribbon handle. It turned out way too cute. I also covered a little notebook in the same paper and plan on doing a matching pen and some notecards but I ran out of sticky strip so that will have to wait! I think it will make a cute birthday gift or back to school teacher gift!!

Check back tomorrow for more exciting projects and pics from our Happy Days Calendar class that is tonight!

Until then,

I Rubba You!!!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Special Surprise!!!

Well, that is if she doesn't peek before her birthday that's coming up in a few weeks!!! I made this for Grandma Debbie as a special birthday present. It was fun and super easy to make. And I know it will go perfectly with her decor! I can't remember the name of the DSP and I'm being lazy and don't want to rummage through my desk to find it but I do remember it was featured in the mini that had True Friend in it!! The word under Grandma says wonderful because that is exactly what she is!! I was going to put her grandkids pics in it somewhere as well but then I would have needed a HUGE frame because she already has like 16!!!!
Now I feel guilty though that I haven't even made my own mother one!! So guess what I will probably be doing this weekend!!!
***Check back tomorrow to see what I did with a dishwasher tab tin!!!!***

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My First Paper Bag Book!!!

So here are the pics of my first ever paper bag book that I actually made two of, one for my DD Becca and one for her BFF Sydney!! They have been in Arkansas all week camping and going to the Crater of Diamonds park. They return tomorrow but Becca will actually be in Dallas for another week visiting other family! Anyways..... I used my fav hostess set, Time Well Spent and my new fav DSP Summer Picnic on the covers, both front and back.
Here I used the Enjoy Every Moment stamp set and the fine cosmo glitter which I still have all over me a week later!!!
My cuttle bug did the job here and went quite well with the cherry paper from the Summer Picnic DSP and the cherry stamp from Tart and Tangy!
This is the Be Happy set, which I have never been terribly fond of till now, and ofcourse it's on the retired list!! Go figure!!!
I just love this page! I love my scallop punch too! Can you tell???

I was trying something different on this page and really like how it turned out!

So there you have it!! My first "two" paper bag books! I hope they come back filled with pics and other goodies! I know Becca is having a blast!
***Check back tomorrow to see the special gift I made for a certain Grandma's upcoming birthday......Grandma, if you're reading this DON'T PEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!****

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tired of the same old children’s birthday parties???
Let me help plan your next one!

I am now offering a whole new option for birthday party planning and entertainment.

The “Sweet Stampin’ ” Party!

What’s included
: Custom, hand stamped invitations,
A hand crafted, hand stamped project ready for the party guests to make instructed by me, and Thank you notes for the birthday child to send out afterwards.

All you need to take care of is cake and refreshments!!
This is a great alternative if you are tired of the same old parties and perfect for children ages 8 to 18!

Prices vary depending on projects selected. Call or e-mail for a price quote today! I will travel anywhere in San Antonio and the surrounding areas!

Contact me today!
Dawn Thomas
Stampin’ UP!@ Independent Demonstrator

Monday, May 26, 2008

Not Done Yet..................

So here are some of the cards and the 2-5-7-10 treat bag I just did tonight or this morning - however you want to look at it. The two cards are pocket cards. They are fun to make too and the possibilities or should I say "stampabilities" are endless! Pictures don't really do it justice. The base on both cards is certainly celery and the other two main colors are apricot appeal and pretty in pink- both of these are from the 6 x 6 DSP Hostess level one. The treat bag is done in apricot appeal and certainly celery to complement the pocket card. The stamp set used on all of these is the For A Friend hostess level one set as well.

And last but not least, I got the great vase at a garage sale for a quarter and couldn't wait to get it home. I cleaned it up and used the Love and Happiness rub-ons. I filled the vase with pretty green frosted marbles and added my favorite flower - pastel pink & yellow Gerber Daisies!! Tied on a bow and there you go!
Okay, it's getting late now and I better head up to bed !!
Until we meet again.......

And More.......

This card has a great story behind it..... you see, I am always trying to use my extra materials that have been cut for a class or project. So I had the garden green already cut - left over from the "mom" card, and I decided to use some of my 6 x 6 DSP hostess paper and chose apricot appeal. Well just after I had this brainstorm, an actual storm blew through and knocked our power out. So we lit the candles and I stamped the rest by candle light!!!! I was pleasantly surprised when I got up the next morning!! Not too shabby if I might say so myself!!!

And here are more of my latest creations!! I found a tutorial on the two pocket cards last night - that would be Saturday since I just realized it's now 2:15 in the morning on Monday- anyways, I had to try them and fell in love !!! They are so easy and so much fun to make!
Hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stamp Club 5/25/2008

Okay ladies............here are some of the projects that I have been working on lately!
First off we have a masculine themed card featuring Polka Dots & Paisley located on page 86 of the Spring/ Summer Collection 2008. Colors used were Night of Navy, Ballet Blue and Chocolate Chip. Ink used was the White craft ink. Finished with white grosgrain ribbon. This card was used for my stamp club today! And next we have a Father's day card..................

This is the Bronc Buster set located on page 107 of the S/S Collection 2008 as well as the Canvas background stamp on page 136. Colors used were Creamy Caramel for the base and Blue Bayou along with very vanilla. Ink is Close to Cocoa. Techniques used were DTP - dirct to paper, and sponging. Hemp twine finished off this project quite nicely.

As Promised...

As promised {{{Andi}}} , I am posting some of my recent projects. And I promise I will get some pics taken and post more later today.
The "mom" card featured the Tart & Tangy and One Smart Cookie Sets in the Occasion Mini. I also used the Real Red DSP from the 6 x 6 prints pack DSP in the level one hostess sets. Cardstock colors used were Garden Green, Real Red and Whisper White. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the edges of the whisper white are sponged with Real Red. I also used the scallop and 1 3/8 and 1 1/4 circle punches. I loved this card so much.... but not as much as my Mom did!! I couldn't wait to call her on Mother's Day!! "Mom" card done at last moth's stamp club!

Here are some of the letters I've done. I originally made this one to sell at the craft show, but two of my daughters asked { with their big blue eyes } for it for their room and I had to say yes!!!

"SWEET" - I made this for my daughters' room.

And this set of letters below was made for Emma's teacher. She absolutely loves them and just keeps going on about them everytime I see her!! She said she can't wait to take them home ( she has them displayed in her classroom right now) and that she has the perfect place for them!!

This I made for my 1st Graders teacher. She absolutely loved them!!!

So you see, I haven't been up to absolutely nothing!!! I have actually been up stamping late every night for the last week. This insomnia is kicking my butt, but atleast I am getting some great ideas and card samples made!!!
I promise to get back on in a while and get more posted!

Until then,
Happy Stampin'!!!!