Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kids Say The Funniest Things!

So, my 8 yr old daughter, Emma, was standing behind her Daddy who was holding his baby Bearded Dragon ( a lizard for those who aren't familiar) . Out of nowhere she says , " So is he horny yet???" to which my husband screamed what and burst out laughing so hard I thought he might pass out! He didn't know she was there and it caught him totally off guard!

My 4 yr old niece , Sydney, who is down visiting us for the week from Dallas comes up to me after dinner and says, " Aunt Dawn, I love you!" So I reply, " I love you more!" and she turns to everyone sitting at the table finishing dessert and says, "See, she loves me more!" Awwwwwweeeee.........

The other day:
My 8 yr old nephew, Matthew, who also is down here visiting from Dallas were sitting on the couch and he was educating me on Pokemon. After he finally stopped for a second to breathe, I looked at him and said, "How on earth do you remember all of this stuff?" to which he replied quite casually, " I have a big head and have to fill it up some how." And he's right, he does have a very big head that he hasn't quite grown into yet!

So I know this isn't anything new and exciting. I promised to post some new stuff but I have had a rough week. For those of you who know about my medical drama, I still don't know for sure if I have Thyroid cancer yet. It's a long story! But the good news is that I will be seeing a endocrinologist now very soon. And tonight I had a burst of creativity and made some cool new stuff that I can't post just yet because one is a birthday gift! But I do promise to post some new stuff real soon! I am starting to feel better!

Until then,
I'll be locked in my "rubbah room"!
Stampingly Yours,