Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Special Surprise!!!

Well, that is if she doesn't peek before her birthday that's coming up in a few weeks!!! I made this for Grandma Debbie as a special birthday present. It was fun and super easy to make. And I know it will go perfectly with her decor! I can't remember the name of the DSP and I'm being lazy and don't want to rummage through my desk to find it but I do remember it was featured in the mini that had True Friend in it!! The word under Grandma says wonderful because that is exactly what she is!! I was going to put her grandkids pics in it somewhere as well but then I would have needed a HUGE frame because she already has like 16!!!!
Now I feel guilty though that I haven't even made my own mother one!! So guess what I will probably be doing this weekend!!!
***Check back tomorrow to see what I did with a dishwasher tab tin!!!!***