Sunday, January 25, 2009

In need of some serious HELP!!!!

Before you look at the picture below I believe I may that I may have to inform you that looking at this may cause serious health problems of which I am not liable for........Just wanted to let you know....

So this is might not so hidden secret, my "stamp room" which is also called our family room, our dining room, my hubby's office, and also home to our fish and our Bearded Dragon, Max. In this picture is my desks and stamping area and my cabinet. No, really! Look closer. There are two desks under all of that clutter. And that white cabinet holds all of my stamps and ink pads and other stuff. No, really, I'm serious!!!! I know...............UNBELIEVABLE! I would like to say I'm embarrassed, but I'm not really. This is me sometimes.....all over the place!

Now, I can not take all the credit for this mess. My six beautiful daughters, and my wonderful hubby, and even my well-meaning brother-in-law have helped contribute to this chaos. Whenever someone doesn't know where something goes they all come to the conclusion that it MUST belong on my stamping desks! And I even toss stuff there when I just don't have time or want to deal with it!!

So this is the result of months of neglect. But, I atlast am starting to truly feel like stamping again even though my stamping sister is still so far away! My stamp club is even starting up again next Saturday and meeting AT MY HOUSE!!!! So, how's that for some serious motivation!!! I have 5 days to clean up my act!!! Especially since I have new customers that have RSVP'd.

So, watch my blog for progress pics! I will post one each day!

Until then,


Trish said...

Oh girl!!! I wish I was there to help you, we'd have that in stampin' shape in no time!!! **hugs** and happy cleaning!

Kimberly said...

WOW! I understand with such limited space how it can look like that. Mine gets like that when I am creating and I have a whole room! Looking forward to seeing the progress and maybe some new cards or projects!! :-)

Dana Keith said...

You can do it!!!! Just take one corner/table at a time...I can't wait to see your progress!!! WHOO HOOO!!!